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Services for all areas of a successful Analytics project

Data Strategy

All Analytics initiatives needs a clear strategy. Maybe you need to revise your current set up. Or you want to create a new road map to become a data driven organisation. We have decades of experience in these areas and we are convinced that every organization can utilise new concepts in order to work faster and more agile in their analytics initiatives.

Data Engineering

In order to become data driven, you need data. Data Engineering is where we centralize all your data in a common data store. It can be a cloud data lake or an on-premise data warehouse. Whatever works best in your data strategy. We work in agile projects with modern open-source tools to get that data in as efficient as possible.

Analytics Engineering

To have your data in a centralized data store is a great start on your journey. But in order to get the real effect of your data you need to model your data. Data needs a common format. Business rules have to be applied. We need to define Key Performance Indicators so that everybody in you organization have a unified view of how things are going, and your data needs to be visualized and accessible.

Data Science

When you have your KPIs all set it is time to make improvements. We have a great track record of implementing Machine Learning models that more then doubled the revenues in business areas without increasing costs. Forecasting models, attribution models, propensity to buy models. We know how to apply Machine Learning models without getting lost in the details and go really fast to producing real value.

Modern Analytics

Modern Analytics is a concept for how we deliver our Analytics projects. Analytics, Data Warehousing, ETL, Business Intelligence have for long been left out of the agile wave in software development. It has been dominated by vendors with old, inflexible technology. Implemented in years long waterfall projects where the value, if any, have not been seen until the very end of the project.

Modern Analytics leaves these old standards behind and utilises the full potential of agile development. Our project is delivered in two-weeks sprints. Every two weeks you will get a short presentation of last sprints deliverables. All development, changes and design decisions are tracked in github, jira, trello or your preferred tools for agile development. Often you will have a new Dashboard in your hands or the result of a new Machine Learning Model to analyse. Delivered value all the way in the project is what Modern Analytics is all about.


About Us

We have extensive experience in all areas of Analytics. From old school Kimball data warehouses and static reporting to more modern cloud data warehouses and as-a-service based analytics tools. We know how to create a great analytics experience based on your current situation and needs.

Ene Analytics is a Preferred Consulting Provider of dbt. Meaning that projects and way of working has been quality assured by dbt Labs to conform with analytics engineering best practices.



Ene Analytics is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.